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We asked our students why they chose Western International University (West). Here's what they told us:

Top 10 Reasons to Attend West:

  1. A Global Perspective — At West, our curriculum is focused on the world community and a real understanding of the commercial, political and cultural issues shaping the future. You can choose from 30 degree programs that have been developed specifically for you as an adult student and combine your particular area of study with global political economics, as well as cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills. Students from more than 90 countries have attended West, and many of our faculty members also have relevant international professional experience. You will obtain a practical understanding of the global economy and benefit from the diverse cultural perspectives of students and faculty from all over the world.
  2. A More Engaging Experience — West instructors aren’t just professors; they’re respected professionals in the fields of business, marketing, management and IT, hired for their ability to lead and inspire others. They’re as passionate about teaching as our students are about learning. And every instructor is fully versed in the latest teaching methods and technology, going beyond the lecture to create a truly engaging learning environment. On campus or online, you will enjoy the same enriched classroom experience.
  3. West Interactive Online Classroom — It's not like other online courses! West replicates the traditional classroom experience online, through live, interactive online classrooms. You can go online for your weekly class lecture and discussion along with your fellow students and professor from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you choose. Or you can view your recorded class session at your convenience anytime that week. Your recorded online classes remain available for review throughout your degree program.
  4. Academic Evaluation and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) — You will receive a thorough assessment of your previous academic work to make the most of your transfer credits. You can also submit learning gained outside the classroom for evaluation of potential college-equivalent credit toward your West degree program.
  5. Personal Attention — With an average class size of 15-25, it’s easy for instructors to get to know each student. Not only will you get the personal attention you deserve, you’ll also build camaraderie with other students, sharing experiences, ideas and expanding your learning experience. Your peers at West will be students from around the world – students who bring a global perspective to the classroom and have a common enthusiasm for learning. You will also have experienced, dedicated staff to help you enroll, navigate your finance and financial aid options, and plan your academic program.
  6. Individual Focus — Your academic achievement is demonstrated through quizzes, tests, papers, projects, and presentations, so you determine your own success. You will also have the opportunity to share and learn from your fellow students through your own career experiences, so that you can immediately apply what you learn in class to your workplace.
  7. Flexibility — At West, you have the ability to balance your education with your career, family, and community commitments. You can tailor your program to fit your needs. Complete each course in 2 months, with just 8 weekly class sessions. Take one course at a time, or several. Take classes on campus, live through West Interactive Online, or both! Attend your live online class, or watch your recorded class during the week. Take a specified degree program, or build your business program around your specific interests — whatever works best for you!
  8. eMaterials — Downloadable course eMaterials save you time and money over the cost of traditional textbooks, and remain available to you throughout your degree program.
  9. Academic Support — West offers complimentary academic services to help students succeed. The West Writing Center provides review and guidance for course writing assignments. Real-time tutoring services assist registered students in the areas of math, finance, accounting and research. The West Online Library provides all the resources you need for researching your course assignments.
  10. Support Beyond the Classroom — To help you stay on track through your degree program and move into the world beyond, West provides students a full suite of services and career-coaching resources. From the start, you’ll be assigned Enrollment, Finance and Academic Counselors to support you from enrollment to graduation. Utilize our one-on-one Career Coaching Resources to develop persuasive interviewing skills and build a more compelling resume, and join the West Alumni Connection to remain in touch with the West community long after graduation.